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 Boston, MAAutoport
100 Terminal Street
Charlestown, MA 02129
(800) 666-9007
Max Hourigan
John O'Donnell
Boston Autoport features include:
• Deep water, weather-protected berths with up to 40-foot drafts
• Efficient highway access
• 24-hour drop-off/access to the facility
• Fully-enclosed, open-air or combination handling modes
• Ability to handle two or more makes/models coming to/from the same vessel
• Dedicated and fully-trained labor pool
• Excellent access to New England, Canada and U.S. Midwest markets
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
 Boston, MACitgo Petroleum Corp
385 Quincy Avenue
East Braintree, MA 02184
Lat. 42-14.2 N Long. 070-58.1 W
Allen Morris
Carol Voigt
610' Max LOA when beam is 106'

Terminal Handles Lines
Three Tugs In
Three Tugs Out
Daylight Navigation Only
Bridge Transit Required: (Fore River Bridge)
Unlimted Vertical Draw
175 Feet Horizonal Clearence
No Lightering, No Bunkering, Only Ship's Provisions Allowed by launch only, No Slops, No Fresh Water
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
1. All visitors, agents, ship chandlers, and governmental
agencies must provide a valid photo ID to the security guard orterminal personnel to enter the terminal.
2. All crew members wanting to leave the terminal property mustprovide the following documentation:
   a. Photo ID
   b. I-95 Form as illustrated in the Captain of the Port
   Bulletin dated June 18, 2002.
3. All visitors, agents, ship chandlers, governmental agencies
and crew members must check in and out at the guard shack nearthe rear exit date.
4. Ship agents must provide the terminal with a crew member list
for each vessel to cross reference individuals coming and goingfrom the ship.
 5. Ship agents must provide prior notification of all companiesproviding stores or conducting business with the vessel whilemoored at the terminal.
6. In the event a security guard is not provided by the terminal, the ship agent shall notify the Captain that crew members will be prohibited from disembarking from the vessel between the hours of 2400(midnight) and 0500.
7. Not more that two crew members shall be congregated aroundthe pay phones at the end of the dock.
 Boston, MAConley Terminal
(617) 464-8200.
Joseph Staub
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
 Boston, MACruiseport Boston
John Berry
 Boston, MAEastern Salt Terminal
37 Marginal Street. Chelsea, Mass
(617) 884-0027
Paul Lamb
Dry-Bulk Commodities Only
Twic Required
Gatelist Required
 Boston, MAExxon - Mobil
Rover Street
Everett, MA 02149
Dock Phone: 617-381-2854
Guy Musto
Joe Solimine
Two Tugs Docking
Two Tugs Sailing
MUst go under a Bridge with 135 Foot Vertical Clearence
Minimum requirement for Parallel Mid-Body Length is 28m forward of the manifold midpoint and 34m aft of the manifold midpoint
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
ExxonMobil will no longer allow shore
leave for vessel personnel of foreign flagged vessels berthed
at the Everett dock.Emergency transit of vessel personnel for medical treatment willbe allowed by terminal management. Permission for non-emergencytransit of personnel can be allowed on a case by case basis onlyafter a prior request has been received from the ships agentand reviewed by terminal management for approval.
Any personnel leaving or accessing the ExxonMobil waterfront facility must produce positive identification per the listingof acceptable credentials as detailed in the USCG CAPTIAN OFTHE PORT OF BOSTON ORDER NO. 09-02.
Acceptable credentials are:
1) A military identification card
2) A badge for Federal employee such DOT, DOD, FBI, CIA
3) A driver's license or official identification card issued by a
   Department of Motor Vehicles or Motor  Vehicles  Administration within the U.S.
4) A merchant mariner's document issued by the Coast Guard
5) A valid passport
6) A local law enforcement credential
7) An identification credential issued by a State or Local port
8) An identification credential issued by a company, union, or
   trade association
For questions, and/or requests for non-emergency shore access
call 617-381-2802 or 617-381-2810.
 Boston, MAGlobal Chelsea
11 Broadway
Chelsea, MA 02150
Don Janic
Eric Davis
TWIC Required
Gate List Required.
 Boston, MAGlobal Terminal
140 Lee Burbank Highway
Revere, Ma 02151
Carlos Castillo
Eric Davis
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
 Boston, MAGulf Oil Terminal
123 Eastern Avenue
Chelsea, MA 02150
Andrew Adams
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
 Boston, MAIrving Oil Terminal
40 Lee Burbank Highway
Revere, MA 02151
Dock Telephone: 781-289-3667
Jim Hollinger
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
 Boston, MASchnitzer Scrap Terminal
69 Rover Street
Everett, MA 02149 US
Ron Strauss
Port Equipment:Loading cranes, bulk loading conveyor

Highway Access:I-93, I-90, I-95, MA-99, US-1
-TWIC Required
-Gate List Required
 Boston, MASprague Deepwater
728 Southern Artery
Quincy, MA  02169
Steve Cipullo
Dock Telephone: 617-770-9441
Daylight Docking and Undocking only

TWIC Required
Gate List Required
No bunkering or lightering allowed.
Stores and service barges allowed alongside with terminal notification and only during non cargo operations times. This is only allowed during Marsec I security level.
 Boston, MASunoco Logistics Terminal
467 Chelsea Street
East Boston, MA 02128
617 568-2239 Office
Glen Gronroos, Terminal Manager
TWIC Required
Gatelist Required
 Boston, MATwin Rivers Terminal (TRT)
780 Washington Street
Quincy, MA
Alan Thompson
Rocky Beck
Dock Telephone: 617-847-4210 / 617-847-1845
Daylight navigation only to this berth.
TWIC Required
Gate List Required
The following pertains to persons transiting to/from on/off of vessels at the Sprague TRT facility. This policy applies for No. 2 fuel oil and caustic soda receipts at the Twin Rivers/Sprague Energy facility located at 740 Washington Street, Quincy, MA.
All Marsec Levels:  All persons and baggage are subject to search at all times.
All visiting vessels requesting shore access at a Sprague terminal or requesting visits by outside parties (such as a ship’s agent or other support personnel), or requesting receipt of vessel stores, shall provide to the terminal, prior to arrival, a list containing the following information:
 -- Crew names and citizenship/nationality
 -- Passport number for foreign nationals
 -- Crew change outs – name and citizenship/nationality
 -- Name, address, contact information, and citizenship/nationality of any visitors, i.e., ship’s agent, chandler, maintenance personnel, etc.
 -- Name, rank, and signature of captain, master, or other ship designee in authority who will act as the Vessel Security Officer (VSO).
COMPLIANCE:  Vessels not providing the requested crew and visitor information prior to arrive may be denied access to shore, either for crew visits or for visits to the vessel by the ship's agent and other personnel.  This policy may be waived only by the Sprague Facility Security Officer (FSO) under special circumstances.
No vessel stores may be delivered prior to arrival of a vessel.
MARSEC level 1: 
All persons needing access to the Sprague operated tank farm, pier or vessels at the Twin Rivers facility for a Sprague or Basic Chemical cargo receipt or discharge must transit through the Sprague portion of the facility. All persons must sign in at the Sprague office, have government issued identification, and will be issued a badge as well as be escorted through the facility by Sprague personnel except when there is a visiting vessel and the Vessel Personnel Security Escort (VPSE) has been designated at which time the VPSE will be responsible for escorting any persons to and from said vessel if they have business with the vessel.
Stores may be hand carried onto the vessel during Marsec Level 1. All vessel stores must be inspected, approved and escorted by the VPSE.
 No vessel stores may be delivered prior to arrival of a vessel.When a vessel has completed discharging, all crew members must be on-board and must remain on-board. If any crew members have not returned to the vessel prior to completion of discharge, they will be detained at the Twin Rivers Security Guard post until such time as a Sprague Energy employee arrives to escort them to the vessel.

MARSEC level 2
At MARSEC level 2, crew access to shore will not be permitted and no visitors to the vessel will be allowed except as specifically approved by Sprague on a case-by-case basis.  As well, crew access to shore may be subject to approval by the USCG.
MARSEC level 3
At MARSEC level 3, crew access to shore will not be permitted and no visitors to the vessel will be allowed except as specifically approved by Sprague on a case-by-case basis.  As well, crew access to shore may be subject to approval by the USCG.